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3. Regenerative farming benefits everyone

Now that you know what regenerative farming is, you will no doubt want to know more about its benefits. In this part of the course, we will look at the benefits of regenerative farming from a variety of perspectives.

At the beginning of the course, we explained why you should be interested in regenerative farming and how it relates to sustainability issues. In this part, you will learn more about the benefits of regenerative farming. Regenerative farming can solve many problems, not only in terms of our unique planet, but also with respect to the economy and companies in the food chain.

The topics in this module may be of particular interest to you if you are working in the food system in a role that involves corporate management, communications or sustainability. You will find scientific information and ready-to-use descriptions of the practical benefits of regenerative farming and why it is vital to promote it. The information in this module can be used to further matters within your organisation, for example, in the form of training, external communications or collaboration with partners.